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    Nollywood Travel Film Festival.
    Toronto. September 19-22, 2018.
    We Guarantee you unbeatable fun.
    As we showcase Nollywood to the world.

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    Don't Miss The Travel Experience
    Our Next Edition is in Toronto, Canada.
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    Through our Films, Music and Tourism

    Nollywood is the world's most influential black film industry and
    has a rich tradition of storytelling that has increasingly intrigued
    audiences globally. we believe that the powerful values used by
    Nollywood to become famous will come to play in its collaborative
    efforts with film industries around the world. This Journey will
    benefit Nollywood technically, commercially
    and financially, hence the birth of our festival.

Exploring Nollywood

The Nollywood Travel Film Festival celebrates the best of Nigerian cinema and will be hosted in major cities around the world. It will be a weekend of special indoor and outdoor screenings, inspiring discussions,meeting,parties and awards.

Kadar River

Opening Film

10 Days in sun city.

Closing film

Nollywood Travel Festival

Get Involved and join the fun of Nollywood Travel Festival, Toronto edition, October 2018.

  • Atlanta
  • Hamburg
  • London
  • Toronto

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